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IMG_20180928_141035_016Mount Bromo

My friend told me “let’s go Mount Bromo”. And I said YES! But there were 2 problems with me – the sun and the toilets! I asked her if it’ll be hot and she said “not really”. So I started opening up my best friend – Google! That’s right, Google. I searched for Mount Bromo and realised that it is not gonna be fun due to the sunny sunshine and the toilets. So I was not hyped up about the travel but rather, convincing myself that the sun and the toilets are just gonna be fine.

The hotel we stayed in Mount Bromo was really traumatizing for me. I felt disgusted. Alright readers, yes, that’s me. I have issues with toilets. I cannot use public toilets. The reasons are that I’ll have nightmares and I’ll feel like my skin is ripping apart when I sit on the seat to pee. I guess I’m not the only one in the world with this major issue. I mean if I am the only one with this issue, then I have to ask God to bless me.

This image isn’t the Mount Bromo resort. It’s the city hotel. The best hotel I’ve stayed in my hotel stay. The food was like “there’s no ending to food”. Reminiscing my childhood days.

#bumisurabayacityresort #besthotelever clothes from #temt

Coming back to hotel. I really cannot stay in a hotel if the toilet is not to a certain standard. I can only stay in good hotels with very good toilet amenities. The hotel in Mount Bromo was so called “The Best”! But well, I can’t ask for more since the hotel was one of the best in Mount Bromo. The water was cold, the toilet tiles and toilet was maroon. That is just so disturbing. Anyway, I make do with what was given to me. I’m still thankful that I can shower.

#mountbromo view. Amazing!!

So it was 2:00am in Indonesia. My friend and I had to leave the room by 3:00am to catch the sunrise. We were literally so sleepy. But since we are on an adventure trip, we fought to keep our eyes open and to catch the sunrise. Seriously, it was the best view I’ve ever experienced in my life. I said a silent prayer, thanking God for that very moment – I witnessed the sunrise. Look at the picture I took. The best view I’ve ever seen in my very own eyes. At that moment, the toilet issue was just a passing cloud to me.

This picture describes a 1000 word. Just watching the sunrise. Nature at its best. Such a magnificent view.

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