How to be happy and kick that vulgar words – (misery / depression) away from you?

To achieve anything you want to do, you need 3 things – effort, patience and commitment.

1. Do you feel burdened with what you are doing in life right now?

2. Do you feel like you deserve more than what you are earning right now?

3. Do you feel appreciated in whatever you do?

If your answers are NO, then what are you doing now?

You have one life. Make this life a happy one and defend yourself from being miserable. You have only yourself to make it right. No one can defend you but you only have yourself to fall back on. If you invite miseries, be prepared to invite bad health issues, negative vibes, depression, sadness, hatred and the worse invitation of all is self condemnation.

Let us practice now. Tell yourself that being miserable, depressed or sad will take away a whole lot of your happiness, peace and self pride.

So here is a question. So what if you are being judged? So what? What is the worse that can happen to you? At the end of the day, when we take our last breath in this world, we are left with bones or ashes. People will not remember you forever. So why would you even care about what others think of you.

Put your head up right now and tell yourself that this hurdle is gonna pass like a wind. Nobody in life have ever been stuck with a problem for life. There is always a solution. All you need to do is to find a quiet place, sit down and think of a solution. Trust me, you will automatically be guided. If you don’t have a solution, try this – start reading books, take up a sport or do the things that will make you happy.

I mean, you have to make the effort and continue making it. I don’t know if any great thing that was ever achieved overnight. If you know, please, I’m more than happy to learn from my readers. But all I do know is that many people out there has achieved great things because giving up is never an option.


So what is misery / depression again? Misery / depresssion is a vulgar word. Happiness is a holy word. So why don’t you try to practice happiness now?It is never too late to be happy.

In this world, we have never made it to be a successful person without anyone’s help. We need help to be successful. So smile and take a deep breath. Happiness is coming your way.

Please note that I will be coming up with a step by step self help guide book by December 2018. If you want to know more about inviting happiness, you can purchase it. I will update my readers soon. Stay tuned and share your love with me.

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Nini, 22 October 2018.


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