Something that I will remember – Sirach 6 to 8

1. Do no evil and evil will not take hold of you.

2. Keep away from wrongdoing and it will leave you alone

3. Do not seek a position of responsibility lest you will not be powerful enough to root out injustice; and over-awed by a powerful man, you lose your integrity

4. Do not commit the same sin twice. Once is enough to bring punishment upon you

5. Do not allow yourself any kind of lie for nothing good will come of it

6. Do not neglect to visit the sick because it is for such acts that you will be loved

7. In all your actions remember your last end and you will never sin

8. Do not argue with a powerful man lest you fall into his hands

9. Do not offend the man who repent of his sins, remember that we are all deserving punishments

10. Do not set aside the teachings of the elders for they also learnt it from their forebears. They will open up your understanding and enable you to reply at the right moment.

Readers – these changed my life for the better. I thank God each day when I am awake. Today is the day to change your life. It depends on you. If you want to be happy, change yourself by smiling all the time. 🙂

Let us all wish well for one another.

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Nini, 25 October 2018


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