Do you have the #COURAGE?

Good day, my readers. Today I’m going to have a short write up on how important each and every individuals are.

At any point in time, have you felt like you’re not good enough or you’re worthless or useless in this world?

Let’s take a moment to reflect.

This world is filled with people of all sorts of characters. Some are truly happy for all your achievements, some pretend to be happy and some are truly never happy. Well, some are also good at bringing people’s esteem down from ten (high esteemed individual) to zero. I personally know many people who are not truly happy of other people’s progression.

Now, how do you cope with that?

I have seen news about people taking their own lives because of depression or stress. I feel sad reading those news. There is one thing you should understand and that is the “fundamental of life”. We are all definitely gonna take our last breath one day (by nature’s call) and that day is not known to us and it should never be known to us. We are not supposed to know about our death. That is how life is created.

There is a purpose for each of us in this world. And that is to – help others in any way we can.

Let me share a personal story with you. I had a friend whom I studied with, in the same class. She was a very pleasant and attractive young lady. We used to hang out and talk a lot of rubbish and laugh about it. To cut long story short, we lost contact after our graduation. And one day, I heard that she took her own life. And the reason: her boyfriend broke up with her. I was devastated upon hearing this. The sad thing was, she did not know her worth. She made people around her happy. She was a very brilliant and beautiful lady. But sadly, she decided to end her life. If she did not take that decision then or if only there was someone to listen to her or someone to hold her hands and talk to her, she would have been alive today.

What happens if we stop saying “IF” and start to truly help those who are in need of shoulders to lean on?

Everyone has got their purpose to fulfil before saying goodbye to the world by nature’s call.

Allow me to tell you that taking your life is not the solution. Sitting down and drowning yourself with alcohol, drugs, unhealthy foods are really not the solution.

There are more to life. God will never give you anything you can’t handle. Every life is as delicate as a flower. You must handle it with care and love. Life itself is a gift. Live it to the fullest in whatever you do and have faith that things will turn out just fine.

How to deal with people who makes you feel like you’re worthless?

Well, a very simple theory. People who makes you feel worthless, are probably the people who definitely have a lot of issues with themselves. In order to make them feel that they are in power and control of every vulnarable situation that you are in, they will start demeaning everything about you. And because you allow yourself to react to their demeaning and hurtful words / comments, they will start having power and control over you.

The simple way is, not to react to those negative critics because you know yourself better than anyone else in the world. Never allow those hurtful words to get into you and drain you out. You will only be the victim of their critics if you allow it to happen.

Let me share with you on how I personally deal with these people.

I literally block those words out. I refuse to allow myself to get hurt because I know my worth. I refuse to be the prey of those predators. So, I won’t react to critics coming from people whom I know, are truly unhappy with my progression.

Then again, I’m not asking you to totally avoid critics. Some critics will help you improve your life for the better. For an example, if you sign up for a talent show, be prepared to hear some critics from the judges. But, these are positive critics which will help you perform better, the next time.

Try this method : ignore + doing something that makes you happy = PEACE. I love to be at peace. I mean, who doesn’t, right?

I’ve been practising this method for a very long time and trust me, it works. Try it now. It’s never too late.

With that said, I would like to end my post by saying “Stand up and defend yourself first before defending others. You are worth every single minute. Be brave, have courage.”

Thank you, my readers.

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x Nini, 20 November 2018.


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