Creating crafts are theraputic. So today’s post is all about DIY GIFT NOTES IN A JAR.

DIY: Artemis Craftymis

Choosing the right gift for your loved ones can be truly difficult, especially when they have absolutely everything! The last thing you probably want to do is to spend money on a gift that’s going to sit on their shelf!

Well, I have heard of people bringing their partners to lavish and expensive places or even throwing a huge party bash to celebrate birthdays or special days. That kind of expenditures could simply fetch you more than $100.00. Spending more than $100.00 just within a few hours? Oh man. No way am I going to spend that kind of money in just a few hours on a birthday!

The art in making and giving handmade gifts is to give something that is personal and individual to the person receiving it.

If your love is a simple person, it is never too late to think of a meaningful unique DIY gift. And this was what I made!

DIY: Artemis Craftymis

Total expenditure for this DIY gift notes in a jar only costs me less than SGD $15.00. Time taken: 1 hour.

How cool can that be right? Let’s get CREATIVE:

DIY: Artemis Craftymis

All you need is:

1. A jar with a lid

2. Colourful paper (where you can make mini stars)

3. Washi tape (colour of your choice)

4. Scissors

5. Mini rope / threads (you can use the sewing kit colour threads, as well)

6. Colourful pebbles / Colourful Sand (this is totally optional)

7. Thin shredded papers (colours of your choice) I got mine from Daiso.

Guys, I got my stuff from DAISO where everything is sold at only SGD $2.00. Ready to start your unique DIY gift? Here it goes:

With just 6 simple steps and you are all done and ready to give it to your love ones!


1. Start off by writing your notes on the colourful paper. Fold it into half and roll it.

2. Take a mini rope (or thread or shredded paper) roll and tie by locking the roll. Cut the rope with a scissors once you’ve locked/tied it. It will look like a mini scroll.

3. Take your jar and fill it with pebbles or colourful sand (fill half to add colours). But this is optional.

4. Put your scrolls in the jar.

5. Spread some shredded paper on the top of the jar.

6. Take your Washi Tape and design the lid (I used a black washi tape). Cover the jar with the lid once you are done.

DIY: Artemis Craftymis

There you go, your very own unique personalised meaningful gift to your loved ones.

Thank you, my readers.


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