Get rid of struggles and move forward

Yes, today’s topic is about eliminating your struggles and moving forward like never before.

Examine your life for any areas where you seem to constantly have issues where you thought you could do better. It may be your in-laws, colleagues, bosses, children, work, health and/or the lack of progress you’re making in your life. Just anything.


How can you improve yourself? Well, here’s a guide. Try to pretend you’re your own best friend. Witness your personal self. Aren’t you tired of hearing yourself complaining?



Here’s a solution. Since struggle can be a barrier, putting life on hold while we continuously run in a place, facing life without struggle may seem a little threatening at first. But when you practice identifying areas of struggle, then filter out the struggle response and replace it with positive action, little by little you will free up your life. The excitement that you get after each accomplishment will help you to keep your struggle out. You’ll start to gain more self-confidence in your ability to overcome challenges.

To get rid of your struggles, write down these mantra and repeat it daily:

1. Today I will be the master of my own emotions
2. There are no problems in life, only opportunities and solutions
3. If I am not part of the solution, I am part of the problem
4. What I believe, I will receive

Thank you, my readers.


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x Nini x 15 March 2019.


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